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These are the original Ringfeder®
Locking Assemblies featuring double-tapered thrust rings with self-releasing tapers. They bridge relatively large fit clearances, are easy to install, adjust or remove, but are not self-centering. A pre-centering hub section is usually required.

These units are most commonly used on applications in general engineering to transmit high torques and axial loads utilizing larger machining tolerances.

Available sizes:
INCH SIZES for shafts from 3/4" to 7.875" dia.
METRIC SERIES for shafts from 20 mm to 1000 mm dia.

These locking assemblies are of single-taper design with a self-locking taper providing good self-centering action and concentricity, as well as increased torque capacity. A pre-centering hub section is not required. Integral push-off screws for disassembly are provided. These assemblies are available in two types:

Straight-thru Type:     RfN 7013.0
Flange Type:             RfN 7013.1

Flange type units fix the hub positively against their extended flange preventing axial movement during tightening.

Applied wherever self-centering action and good concentricity of mounted components is essential and hubs with straight-thru bores are used.

Available Sizes:
INCH SIZES for shafts from 1" to 4" dia.
METRIC SERIES for shafts from 20 mm to 150 mm dia.

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